You can now support FrostBurn-Games by mining cryptocurrency! :-D via your browser.
You control how much power you put into mining the more CPU power you use, the more we earn.
But it is up to you, this is the only alternative to advertisements,

if you want us to keep the website ad-free then this is how. You can just open it in one tab, while playing a game in another.
If the miningsite doesnt load, then disable your adblocker.

The recommended threads are 3. Or 2 if you are playing a game or using your computer for something else.
4 threads if you want to be a fantastic supporter and you arent planning on using your computer while mining.


This is our first game,

Slidez is a mobile game about evading obstacles, by jumping over them. You then earn points you can use to buy cosmetic items.

Available for Android with download below.
The apple version has been seized, instead of putting force into developing an IOS version on a game already-
past us, will we look forward for a future game supporting IOS.


Google Play Store